Rarotonga Laundromat - wash and dry in your own time or leave your washing for us to do. Pickup & drop-off service also available.

Got Some Laundry to Do?

Here at Rarotonga Laundromat, you can come in and do your own washing and drying. Or, you can leave it with us to do, we'll even pick it up and drop it off for you if you're busy!

You Do It! Laundromat

Use our commercial Maytag washing machines and gas dryers. A wash is 1 token, and 35 minutes of drying is 1 token. Tokens are $8 and your wash INCLUDES a shot of top quality, enzyme-based biodegradable washing powder.

We Do It! Laundry Service

Washed, dried and folded, each 5kg load is $25. That's only an extra $9 to leave it with us to do for you. We also have a pickup and drop-off laundry service. 

The laundry baskets below can hold up to 35 litres of laundry, with dimensions of 62cm x 44.5cm x 28.5cm (a standard size washing basket). To provide a visual representation of weight in kilograms, each basket is filled with 5kgs of laundry.

Or purchase one of our 10kg bags for just $20 for easy transport of your washing. Our canvas laundry bags are sturdy and can be used over and over. If leaving with us, this will be measured into washing baskets for volumes.

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