Frequently asked questions

Do you have a cut-off time for laundry pickup?

Yes, you need to place your order before 9am for same day pickup. Orders after 9am will be picked up the next day.

How many tokens to dry a load of washing?

1 token will wash a load of washing, then when you transfer it to the dryer, 1 token will dry that washing. You may need to dry washing a bit longer if it is towels or sheets, or other heavy material.

Are you open 24 hours?

We are looking at this in the future, at the moment we are open 7am - 7pm with staff on site.

If I buy tokens online will you post them?

We do not post sorry - you can come in after purchase and they will be ready for you to pickup.

How much is washing powder? (It's free)

We include a shot of high quality, biodegradable enzyme-based powder in every wash. You don't have to remember to bring your own powder - we've got you covered.

What if the load I have for you to pickup is bigger than expected - will you charge extra?

If it is too much for one load we'll let you know if there are any extra charges.


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